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We change your beautiful photos into printed postcards delivered to your loved ones by a real postman

Create a card
Send postcards from your computer, tablet or mobile phone
Zrób zdjęcie

Take a photo

Create your own unique design.
Add frames, stickers and text.

Wyślij kartkę

Send a postcard

Address postcard. We will print it, put it into envelope and send it for you.

Dziel się radością

Share your happiness

After a few days, the card will surprise somebody you love :)

Your photo is just the beginning

Use our app to add a wide variety of different frames, stickers and personal messages.
Take a look at the examples below and inspire yourself.

Projekt pocztówki
Edyta Edi
My friends got postcards from Vietnam before I even returned from the trip :)
Projekt pocztówki
Milena Milena
For our wedding, we sent postcards with our photo instead of invitations - the guests were delighted!
Projekt pocztówki
Agnieszka Agnes
The most beautiful valentine card I ever received. A postcard with a poem from the bottom of the heart.
Projekt pocztówki
Karolina Caroline
I sent a postcard while eating my lunch. Forget going to the post office!
Projekt pocztówki
Ewelina Evelyn
Together with my daughter, we created exceptional postcards and sent them to our firends as invitations for a bday pary. Great fun!
Projekt pocztówki
Łukasz Lucas
A real birthday card! Last one I got when I was 10 years old.

Express your emotions with colorful stickers

For Birthday, Holiday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and more - our stickers are great for any occasion.
Add them to your photo and create a unique, individual design.

Foczta - aplikacja
Create a card

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